Preliminary Schedule: MAY 30TH 09:00-17:30 (Including Lunch and Breaks)

We are excited to announce the first installment of the UPW Micro Learning Series, taking place on May 30th at the same venue and structured to be an interactive training workshop. The Series is a valuable addition to the conference and will focus on improving operational efficiency and increased productivity. The inaugural course will cover critical aspects of UPW production and microelectronics water management. The agenda of the training is inspired by end-users’ needs and designed in close collaboration with the UPW Micro 2017 co-moderating team. The UPW Micro Learning Series is perfect for anyone looking to build on a core understanding of best practices or to brush-up on practical applications and expand their knowledge base.

This year’s Learning Series will include the following topics:

  • Operation and Troubleshooting for UPW & Water Management Systems
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Reverse Osmosis Operations
  • Key UPW Instruments
  • UPW Distribution System Design
  • PVDF Piping Design, Operation & Maintenance
  • Pipe Inspection
  • Precipitation Processes
  • Cooling Tower Optimization
  • Scrubber Optimization

Registration for the UPW Micro Learning Series is now open.

We have a limited number of highly discounted places for delegates to add the training workshop. CE credits are available for most regions.

The Learning Series is an all day event.

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