Agenda: DAY 1




Opening Plenary

Greg Meszaros, Austin Water



Roundtables Session

This Roundtables Session consists of 2 x 40-minute sessions with 1 x rotation. Discussions begin with a short introduction by the table leader followed by 33 minutes of discussion and feedback. 

Delegates can choose two of the following topics to participate in:

  • Achieving UPW quality within the shortest time frame
    – Bob McIntosh, Enviro-Energy Solutions
  • Economic and operationl sustainability of UPW systems
    – Steven Edmund, Intel
  • Physics of the particle vs, highmolecular weight dissolved organic contamination
    – David Blackford, PhD, Kanomax FMT
  • Microbial control challenges
    – Lindsey Sullivan, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 
  • Particles management and monitoring (Measuring beyond 10 nm)
    – Jochen Ruth, Pall GmbH
  • Legionnaire Disease and water systems- what, why, when, new standard and prevention
    – Paul R. Puckorius, Puckorius & Associates, Inc.
  • Fab expansion and reliability of UPW supply
    – Dave Buesser, Farnsworth Group, Inc.
  • Criteria and strategy to replacing ion exchange polisher resin
    – Scott Covington, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  • Clean sampling technique for UPW
    – Betty Pennington, Air Liquide – Balazs Nanoanalysis
  • Hydrogen peroxide control in UPW
    – Bernie Zerfas, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  • Hydrogen peroxide treatment in wastewater
    – John DeGenova + Philippe Rychen, Ovivo
  • Dealing with organics: reclamation and reuse
    – Barbara Schilling, SUEZ Treatment Solutions, Inc.
  • Emerging chemistry challenges in semiconductor waste streams
    – Greg Westhauser, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  • Wastewater monitoring concerns
    – Season Hill/Dan Wilcox, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  • Cooling water efficiency and water safety
    – Dr. Philip Yu, Nalco, an Ecolab Company
  • Increasing  water reuse and recycle at a semiconductor plant
    – Boris Eliosov, PCB Water Technologies LLC
  • Balancing seasonal reclaim water demands to reclaim water production by optimizing reclaim systems output
    – Jeff Covington, NXP Semiconductors
  • How are Fabs built – Facilities sized?
    – Frank Patrick, Gemü Valves
  • Fab tool water optimization and reclamation
    – Clint Newman, Texas Instruments
  • Maximize your investment in unlined fiberglass storage tanks
    – Paul Cohen, Diamond Fiberglass


Coffee Break

Ultrapure Water Strand

Water Management Strand

Session 1: Technology Needs

Session 1: Water Management


ITRS/SEMI development – UPW technology needs

Slava Libman, Air Liquide-Balazs NanoAnalysis


Overview of management strategies for liquid waste generated by microelectronics manufacturing

Brad Herbert, On Semiconductor


ITRS/SEMI development – UPW technology needs (continued)

Slava Libman, Air Liquide-Balazs NanoAnalysis

Maximizing semiconductor water and chemical recycle and re-use using segregation and advanced automation

Al Ouchie, Hyperion International


Study of particle attachment on silicon wafers during rinsing

Takeo Fukui, Kurita America, Inc.

The tail wagging the dog: end-user and regulatory limit pathway and impact (EPA-State-POTW) on the semiconductor industry

Raj Bhattarai, Austin Water


Lunch Break



Session 2: Particle Control

Session 1: Water Management (part 2)


The hidden value of used filters

Jochen Ruth, Pall GmbH

High efficient water reclaim system from F-, N-, H2O2 containing semiconductor wastewater

Ignacy Kieler, Ovivo


Advanced treatment process and analytical tool for control of nanoparticles in UPW

Glen Wildermuth, Microfier

Water footprint assessment as a driver for strategic actions and policies for sustainable water use

John Morgan, on behalf of Water Footprint Network


Investigation of 10 nm particles and its reduction systems for UPW production

Dr. Hiroshi  Sugawara, Organo Corporation

Online TOC analysis and response a sub ppb concentrations in semiconductor UPW

Charlotte Parks, Samsung Austin Semiconductor


Characterizing the retention of UPW filters Using a polydispersed silica challenge

Gary Van Schooneveld, CT Associates



Coffee Break

Ice Cream provided by Amy’s Ice Creams

Session 2: Particle Control (part 2)

Session 2: Waste Treatment Application and Monitoring


Reduction and control technology of nanoparticle in UPW for <10 nm

Hideaki Iino, Kurita Water Industries Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Advanced electrochemical treatment of ammonia in microelectronics wastewater

James Yates, Axine Water Technologies


How to rate a sub 10nm filter

Gerd Heser, Pall GmbH

Arsenic abatement in waste water using adsorption process

Pete Avila, Semiconductor Smart Solutions LLC


Understanding nanoparticle contamination in high purity water systems

Dan Rodier, Particle Measuring Systems

Self calibrating and cleaning pH probe for maintenance cost reduction, overall quality improvement and safety hazard elimination

Norio Kobayashi, Horiba


Cocktails Reception with Live Music






Offsite Dinner at Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden