Day 1: MAY 31

Preliminary List of Roundtables

The UPW Micro Roundtables Session is a platform to exchange ideas and insights and to engage with the each other in a slightly more informal way. Each Roundtable speaker will lead three 30-minutes discussion groups.

Delegates can choose three of the following topics to participate in:

UPW Roundtables

  1. Capacity Management – Do I need more or manage what I have better CONFIRMED
    Dave Buesser, FTD Solutions LLC
  2. UPW costs – operating costs, maintenance, staffing, preventtion vs repair CONFIRMED
    Craig Christensen ,Intel
  3. Organics control – how to control an already very small number? What should I focus on treatment CONFIRMED
    PH. Rychen, Ovivo
  4. Implications of SEMI standards to the UPW system design and OPS CONFIRMED
    Bob McIntosh, Enviro-Energy Solutions
  5. What to do about particle measurement? CONFIRMED
    Steven Edmund, Intel
  6. Mixed bed regeneration – perils and pitfalls CONFIRMED
    Beryn Adams, Lanxess
  7. What is new in contamination control that I am not doing now? CONFIRMED
    Slava Libman, Air Liquide-Balazs NanoAnalysis
  8. What are the top items coming from IRDS affecting UPW? CONFIRMED
    Dan Wilcox, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  9. Bacteria CONFIRMED
    Bernie Zerfas, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  10. Keeping UPW knowledge technology alive in your organization INVITED

Water Management (beyond UPW)

  1. Waste water challenges volume, monitoring, treatment design to name a few CONFIRMED
    Tim Alig, Intel
  2. Water reuse / reclaim: past, present, and future CONFIRMED
    Irina Belozerova, Intel
  3. Water and wastewater analysis: what’s new and today’s challenges CONFIRMED
    James Yates, Axine Water Technologies
  4. Cooling and heating water loops: typical issues and secrets of reliability and lower cost INVITED
  5. Issues and opportunities related to CMP slurry treatment or Recycling INVITED
  6. UPW Recycling – is It worthy? INVITED
  7. CU wastewater treatment INVITED
  8. Fluroide wastewatrer treatment INVITED
  9. H2O2 wastewater treatment INVITED